Ballast water treatment

GoConsult was and continues to be involved in projects on ballast water treatment systems. Contracts include
GAUSS - Bremen, Germany (land-based treatment system tests, development of a test protocol, undertaking efficacy tests and sample analysis, project completed in 2006)
Hamann AG - Hollenstedt, Germany (general support, onboard efficacy tests completed in 2007)
ELGA Berkefeld - Bremen, Germany (general support, onboard efficacy tests)
Greenship - Groningen, The Netherlands (general support)
BenRad/Alfa-Laval, Sweden (general support) 
OceanSaver, Norway (development of onboard test protocol according to IMO requirements, onboard efficacy tests and sample analysis, ongoing since 2005)
Contacts to four new vendors of ballast water treatment systems. Details will be made available as the cooperation progresses