Ballast water sampling

Ballast water of more than 200 ships was sampled during various ship sampling programmes. In total Dr. Gollasch spent more than 185 days at sea during several biological surveys, including ballast water sampling studies. His recent work resulted in the development of a new ballast water sampling kit for organisms above 50 micron. This tool was tested onboard and up to 2.5 tonnes of water were sampled in less than 30 min. It may be used during efficacy tests of ballast water treatment systems and also to for ships´ ballast water compliance control with the standards as set forth in the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention. For more information, see

GoConsult further developed methods for onboard analysis of viable organisms above 50 micron in minimum dimension and the indicator bacteriae E. coli and Enterococci. Samples for other organisms and paramaters (e.g. organisms below 50 and above 10 micron in minimum dimension, TSS, POC) will be prepared for later land-based analysis according to our approved sampling and sample processing protocols.