Ballast water management

As a member of the German Delegation at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations body which deals with shipping, Dr. Gollasch contributed to the development of the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and continues to be involved in the preparation of related IMO Guidelines.
GoConsult was further involved in the
development of ballast water management scenarios for the
North Sea and the European Atlantic coast (report prepared for OSPAR as a sub-contractor of Det Norske Veritas; 2005),
Caspian Sea (first ballast water management considerations as discussed during ballast water sampling mission in the Caspian Sea contracted by IMO; 2005),
Mediterranean Sea (contract with UNEP, MAP, RAC/SPA; 2005) and
Baltic Sea (report prepared for HELCOM; 2006 - see also risk assessment section).