Gollasch, S. (2004): Highlights of the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention [ 1.110KB]
"Invasion myths" - Fact is that shipping continues since centuries and
that ballast water is in use for more than 125 years. Some thoughts, formerly entitled "Invasions Myths" (Carlton pers. comm.), arise.
Questions and answers to download [ 91KB]
Gollasch, S., Rosenthal, H., Botnen, H., Crncevic, M., Gilbert, M.,
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Biological Invasions 5, 365-377 download abstract
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See also
Gollasch, S. (2003): Einschleppung exotischer Arten mit Schiffen
(309-312). In: Lozán, J. L., E. Rachor, K. Reise, J. Sündermann &
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See also
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The following abstracts of book contributions (co-)authored by
Gollasch are available:
  Invaders in Europe []
  Invaders in the Baltic Sea []
  Invaders in the North Sea []
  Coscinodiscus wailesii []
  Invasion vectors []
  Life in ballast tanks []
  Ballast water treatment []
  Databases of invaders []
  Hazard analysis []
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Bij de Vaate, A., Jazdzewski, K., Ketelaars, H.A.M. , Gollasch, S. &
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Copyright with NRC Research Press
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Hard copy order at
Eriocheir sinensis, Gollasch, S. (full account) [ 151KB]
Marenzelleria viridis, Daunys, D., Zettler, M. & Gollasch, S.
(full account) [ 92KB]
Neogobius melanostomus, Skora, K., Olenin, S. & Gollasch, S.
(full account) [ 220KB]
Coscinodiscus wailesii, Laing, I. (summary) [ 60KB]
Gyrodinium aureolum, Macdonald, E. (summary)
Undaria pinnatifida, Wallentinus, I. (summary) [ 40KB]
Sargassum muticum, Wallentinus, I. (summary) [ 29KB]
Ensis directus, Voigt, M. (summary) [ 320KB]
Dreissena polymorpha, Olenin, S., Orlova, M. & Minchin, D.
(summary) [ 35KB]
Crepidula fornicata, Minchin, D. (summary) [ 44KB]
Balanus improvisus, Leppäkoski, E. (summary) [ 37KB]
Leppäkoski, E. & Gollasch S. (eds.) (1999): Initial risk assessment of
alien species in Nordic coastal waters, 244 pp. Project funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
  Book cover [ 270KB]
pages 1 - 4 [ 29KB]
pages 5 - 244 [ 1.138KB]
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Gollasch, S. (1997): Background report on biological invasions and ballast water treatment prepared for the International Maritime Organization (IMO), 188 pp. [ 635KB]
Faubel, A & S. Gollasch (1996): Cryptostylochus hullensis n. sp. (Polycladida, Acotylea, Plathelminthes): a possible case of
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