Earlier contracts (selection):

EU Programme Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventories for Europe (DAISIE) (completed in 2008)
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) cooperational risk assessment project Norway-Croatia (completed in 2005)
Bremen Ballast Water Treatment Project, Phase 2, GAUSS, Bremen, Germany (2003-2005)
Bremen Ballast Water Treatment Project, Phase 1, GAUSS, Bremen, Germany (2001-2002)
EU-MARTOB Project (2001-2003)
Summary of ballast water treatment options
Biological invasions in Europe
Dutch Ministry of Transport for preparation of status report of biological invasions in the OSPAR region for OSPAR BDC (completed in 2002)
Testing of new ballast water treatment technology for TS Tanksysteme, Switzerland (completed in 2001)
Standards for chemical treatment of ballast water, DEGUSSA-HÜLS, Frankfurt, Germany (completed in 2001)
Standards for ballast water treatment, IWACO, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (completed in 2001)
Coordinator of German working group in the Canada - Germany cooperative research project on interoceanic species transportation, partly funded by DLR, Germany (completed in 2001)
Co-coordinator of EU Concerted Action "Introductions with Ships" (completed in 2000)
International Maritime Organization (IMO) public awareness mission on species invasions in the Black Sea (completed in 1999)
Risk Assessment of Species Introductions. NORDIC Council of Ministers, Copenhagen, Denmark (completed in 1999)
Preparational phase (1997-1998) of Global Ballast Water Management Programme (GloBallast) funded by Global Environment Facilities (GEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) (completed in 1998)
NORDIC Academy for Advanced Studies (NorFA). Post-graduate course: Ecology of Marine Invasions and Introductions, Turku, Finland (completed in 1997)
German Minsitry of Transport. Scientific Advisor of German Delegation at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) (since 1997)