Ongoing contracts of GoConsult (selection):

EU Programme Environmental Impacts of Alien Species in Aquaculture (IMPASSE) (since 2007)
EU Programme Technical Support to EU Invasive Alien Species Strategy (since 2007)
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for onboard tests of a ballast water
treatment system (since 2005)
Ballast Water Consultants
(since 2003)
Ballast water treatment project, RWO/Berkefeld, Celle and
Bremen, Germany (since 2003)
Ballast water treatment project, Hamann AG, Hollenstedt, Germany
(since 2003)
German Ministries of Transport and Environment
(since 2003)
Planning of public aquarium in Hamburg,, Hamburg, Germany
(since 1997)
German Delegation at the International Maritime Organization (IMO),
Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), Ballast Water
Working Group (BWWG) (since 1997)